Birdlip 48 Greenhouse


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Product description

Tips For Your Greenhouse

Choose the largest Greenhouse you can fit in your space.

You will soon fill the growing area with beautiful plants and delicious vegetables.

Make sure the site is level and true.

Avoid overhanging trees or buildings that could damage or shade the greenhouse.

Make sure there is plenty of space all around the greenhouse both for construction and for maintenance.

Consider adding a water butt to collect rain water for your plants.

A solar-powered automatic vent opener is a useful addition to ensure ventilation on hot days.

Greenhouse staging helps maximise your growing area and gives a useful working height.

The Greenhouse Innovators.

Eden is one of the UK’s longest established greenhouse manufacturers and has an enviable reputation for quality and value, just look at the benefits.

Robust construction, don’t confuse our greenhouses with low specification cheapies made to a price.

Make sure the site is level and true.

Models to meet all greenhouse gardening needs.

Many models available in our new black frame finish.

Many models have extra high-eaves for more growing space and working comfort, but are not too high to heat economically.

Easy to assemble. Clearly illustrated instructions supplied.

High-quality aluminium framework for long life without maintenance.

Extensive range of value-for-money accessories and options.

Zero Threshold

Introducing the revolutionary, patent pending, Eden Zero Threshold sliding door system-the all new Eden Birdlip, Burford and Blockley feature the exclusive Zero Threshold door system.

Finally, a greenhouse door system has been developed that will not jam like so many others in the market.

The System also does away with the traditional threshold bar, meaning there is no possibility of tripping over.